The 2nd International Workshop on
Physics Based Vision meets Deep Learning (PBDL)

Program outline:

Room E6  9:00am - 9:05amWelcome
  9:05am - 9:15amChallenge Award Ceremony
  9:15am - 9:45amKeynote 1 : Dr. Dengxin Dai
ETH Zurich
  9:45am - 10:00amOral 1 : Single Image Intrinsic Decomposition with Discriminative Feature Encoding
Zongji Wang; Feng Lu
  10:00am - 10:15amOral 2 : Event-driven Video Frame Synthesis
Zihao Wang; Weixin Jiang; Kuan He; Boxin Shi; Aggelos Katsaggelos; Oliver Cossairt
  10:15am - 10:30amOral 3 : Multi-level and Multi-scale Spatial and Spectral Fusion CNN for Hyperspectral Image Super-resolution
Xianhua Han; Yinqiang Zheng; Yenwei Chen
  10:30am - 10:45amCoffee Break
  10:45am - 11:15amKeynote 2 : Prof. Jean-François Lalonde
Laval University
  11:15am – 11:30amOral 4 : Learning from Synthetic Photorealistic Raindrop for Single Image Raindrop Removal
Zhixiang Hao; Shaodi You; Yu Li; Kunming Li; Feng Lu
  11:30am – 11:45amOral 5 : Multispectral reconstruction from reference objects inthe scene
Nirit Nussbaum Hoffer; Tomer Michaeli
  11:45pm – 12:15pmKeynote 3 : Anton Bakhtin
  12:15pm - 12:25pmBest Paper Award and Closing Remarks